What really matters?


Be thankful, have good manners, learn to speak properly …. or FUN!!!!! and enjoy!!!.

Whenever I get angry or I am like in another galaxy thinking about my things, my daughter who has only 2,5 years says to me: ” Mami, ENJOY!!! ” And it makes me think. What a lot of reason she has!

What really matters is to amuse itself, to jump in the puddles, look the bugs, to sing of happiness, to laugh of happiness, to give kisses of butterfly, to run up to falling down  playing, doing what you like, to dance …. Don’t take the life so seriously.

You will wash the plates later, it does not matter if the children have painted the wall, it is washed or returns to paint and gives two opportunities to you: doing something with your family and changing.

Yesterday, while  I was speaking with Tutti Confetti, she said to me ” we have to laugh of everything that to cry a lot of people do it ” and I did this question to myself: what really matters?



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